About us

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery
That is why today is called the “present”, because it is a gift!

Loving suncoast couple

At Suncoast Singles we know that dating can be frustrating and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We are very different from online dating. We meet with all our clients in person and do complete background checks. Our matchmaking team is excited to meet you and find out what kind of person you are looking to meet.

Our process works and we have MANY happy couples to prove it. With over 20 years of experience, thousands of great dates, numerous marriages, and happy relationships we can honestly say we have the experience required to help you find someone special.

What is Suncoast Singles?

We are the premier matchmaking service covering all of Florida’s beautiful suncoast. We have offices in Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa, St Pete, Winter Park, Orlando, Ft Myers, and Naples and are able to serve the west side of the state with professionalism and pride. Besides helping singles with their relationship journey, we also provide our clients with image consulting, dating coaching, fun activities and enriching seminars.

How do I get started?

The first step is to schedule a one on one consultation with one of our matchmakers. We will sit down with you and find out what’s important to you and what you are looking for. The meeting is confidential and a lot of fun. We will show you, step-by-step, how the program works and will determine if we can help you with your relationship search.

How does the matching work?

One of our certified matchmakers will oversee the matches that are hand selected for you. Matches are chosen based on information that was gathered during your initial interview. We take into consideration what you are looking for as well as what would make you a good match for one of our clients. We look at physical appearance, common personality traits, interests, goals, as well as your core traits, such as morale beliefs and values that make you the person that you are. We then pair the traits you have with that of the person you are looking to meet. As we interact with you we will work together to fine tune your program.

How are dates arranged?

Once we select a match for you we will contact you and you will be given your match’s information. We respect your confidentiality and only give out your first name. We never reveal your address, last name, email address or where you work. Suncoast Singles is completely discreet and will do everything in our power to keep you from unwanted public displays.

Where will you meet?

We have many special first date ideas to choose from. You can select one of our favorites or choose to meet at one of your own (as long as they take reservations). Cheers to a great first date!

What’s next?

After your first date your matchmaker is going to be eagerly awaiting your feedback. A clear line of communication is essential in making the most of your program. By letting us know what you liked and how things went we use your feedback, if needed, to help go back to the drawing board and work on selecting your next match.

Mission statement

Our mission is love and throughout our 20 plus year journey helping others find it, one thing still rings simply consistent and true—love conquers all. We are committed to seeing love wash the hands of loss, time, and disappointments in our clients lives.


Our matchmakers are ready to help find your perfect match. What are you waiting for? Sign up today so we can start working on your future!