Image Consulting

We have some of the best image consultants in the world

We make sure our clients look their best, feel their best and find successful relationships! Our image consultants don’t just consult with the fashion editors of the hottest magazines, rather our image consulting is founded on what men and women are REALLY attracted to, based on our 20 plus years working in the matchmaking industry and talking with thousands of REAL men and women. Over the years some things just don’t change, what men and women were coming in and telling us they were attracted to 20 years ago is the same thing we are hearing today!

Very little has changed.

We combine our years of experience along with today’s styles and trends. Our image consulting services are perfect for singles that are looking to impress! Our image consultants and dating coach’s work with both men and women on everything from wardrobe to etiquette.

Initial image consulting includes a variety of different areas such as: the client’s personality, goals, and personal style. We will go over a wardrobe and what items should be kept, updated, or discarded. Personal grooming, such as hairstyle, hair color, makeup and accessories (for the ladies), will be assessed as well.

We will give you the tools to present yourself in the best possible light. Beyond physical appearance coaching, image consulting also provides training to improve communication skills; this includes discussion of body language in addition to spoken communication. Vocabulary, pronunciation, and general conversation skills may also be addressed. Want to know the words that should NEVER be spoken on a date? How about what phrases to avoid at all costs? You will be in on all of our top secrets of sexy and not.

When it comes to being successful in life’s endeavors, whether it is dating, business relationships, friendships, or simply networking, our physical appearance is one of the most important variables. It’s the first impression you make with someone you meet for the first time at a business meeting, or someone you’re meeting with on a date. Fashion not only enables us to be confident in our social endeavors, but it also helps us build a strong foundation for the development of ALL of our personal relationships.

Your attire says a lot about you. What do your clothes say about you? Is what you currently wear on a regular basis conveying confidence, success, playfulness and social intelligence? If not, then you could be missing out on numerous opportunities to meet beautiful women or attractive men, network with other successful business-people, and foster positive relationships with members of your social circle!

We are going to help you look your best all the time! Are you excited? Let’s get started?


The vast majority of guys prefer long hair over short hair. It has been this way since I have been conducting interviews and it is true for men of all ages and all ethnicities. Try to stay away from ultra-short hair styles regardless of how “cute” or “in” your hair stylist might tell you it is. Hair extensions come in all colors and sizes so your hair can be as long as you want it to be… starting immediately. If you have a short hair style, try accessorizing with a pretty jeweled barrette or bobby pin or a pretty flower clip; this adds a lot of girly fun and promotes a very feminine look! Guys like FEMININE!

Almost all guys regardless of age like make up on a woman and appreciate the artistic way in which we can use it to enhance our facial attributes. There is a LOT of guys who like a lady who has more of the “girl next door” look, meaning NOT a lot of makeup. For the first date or two I highly recommend keeping it on the lighter side. Don’t wear hot pink lip stick or bright red either. Victoria Secret’s lip oil is a good choice for your first couple of dates. You can also wear a nude color or shimmery light pink on your lips. For eyes neutral eye shadows such as earthy tones add definition to eyes for both day and night looks. Don’t wear fake eyelashes on the first date! Eyelash extensions are beautiful and look amazingly natural; if you don’t want to go all out just put on a couple of coats of mascara, my favorite for skin is Oil of Olay’s Total Effects 7 CC cream. This is what I use and I like that it is anti-aging moisturizer plus a touch of foundation. They have it in a variety of shades. I love how it is light, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing foundation. And it looks really nice too!

If you are going to show them, paint them!!!! Do not ever wear a pair of sandals or any type of shoes that shows off your toes and not have them painted! Ladies, we look much more feminine when we have our toes done. Now that being said, I will tell you there are guys who like them red and shiny and those who don’t! So, prior to knowing what your dates’ preference is I highly recommend you keep it neutral or go with French both for your fingers and toes. In fact, in all the years I have been interviewing male clients never once has one said they didn’t like the “French” mani-pedi. It is a very clean look which both men and women find attractive. Once you get to know your partner better you can explore the bolder polish that tickles his fancy. Until then, if you aren’t able to get to your favorite salon and don’t have the artistic ability to do it yourself, you can always go with a neutral pink color, it also looks very clean and fresh much like a “French”.

My number one recommendation for a first date (or if it’s your second or third that’s ok too) is “a little black dress”. In all my years as a professional matchmaker I have never had even one man provide negative feedback on a lady who showed up for her date dressed in this manner. As women there are all different sizes and proportions out there and there IS a little black dress in your size that will make you look and feel like the beautiful woman you are! Black is slimming, black is sexy, and wearing a little black dress says, “I care about myself and I care about how you are going to view me on this night when our paths intertwine”. Other recommendations for your first couple dates are: a sweet floral dress with matching shoes, it is very feminine and chic. If you want something with a modern feel and love boots (even half as much as I do) you can try an above the knee Aztec print dress with either long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves; pair it with brown or black boots to match and you have a great date outfit! If you are a lady who feels just way more comfortable in pants, try this: your favorite black pair of pants with a fitted black shirt, wear with a pair of timeless pumps or a glittery wedged pair of sandals and pair it with either a sharp pea coat or a light short sleeved sweater, (to soften this look just trade the pants for a knee length skirt and a pair of textured tights).

The number one scent men love, survey after survey (and interview after interview I have conducted) is: Vanilla. Next time you go on a date instead of wearing your favorite spice or flower you might want to try some inexpensive vanilla lotion or vanilla scented skin cream I recommend Vanilla Fields by Victoria Secrets, it comes in bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, skin crème, and body spray… and it smells heavenly!

Ideally longer hair is best to wear. Regardless of how long it is you can always add a jeweled barrette, flower or a headband and you automatically have an easy and slightly unexpected- way to incorporate girlie flair. For make-up, wear it, but keep it light and natural looking. Make sure your toes and nails are done and match or highly complement each other (FRENCH mani-pedi is always the safest bet)! Dresses or skirts with a sweet blouse are highly preferred over a pants outfit. If you do feel you want to wear pants, however, go with a pair of black pants and fitted top paired with a stylish jacket or short sleeved sweater. Above all else remember, “FEMININE, FEMININE, FEMININE!” AND DON’T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR SMILE! A WARM AND ENGAGING SMILE REALLY IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN SHOW UP FOR YOUR DATE WEARING!


If you have it, wear it neat and clean. Make sure you wash your hair the day of your date. If you haven’t been to a hair stylist in a while, it’s time for a visit! Be open to his/her suggestions in regards to a new style. If you don’t have hair I can tell you that, in light of the thousands of single ladies I have interviewed over the years, women strongly prefer a shaved/bald head over a “comb over” or wig any day. The vast majority of women prefer a clean shaven look over a beard and/or other facial hair. If you are unable to give up your facial hair make sure it is very neat and clean.

Manicures and Pedicures are NOT just for the ladies! In fact, it is a huge secret to a lot of men that this is a service that men can enjoy and benefit from as well! I’m not talking about getting your fingernails and toenails painted. But ALL women like a man with clean nails. Never once have I had a lady complain that a man was “too clean” in these areas. And I have had MANY mention that they feel if a man takes care of these important areas chances are “very good” he takes care of his other areas also. When you go into a salon or a nail salon it’s ok to let them know if it is your first time doing so. You will find they are very kind and patient and when you are done not only will you look much neater and cleaner but it is a relaxing and enjoyable experience as well. I recommend that with both the manicure (the cleaning, buffing and shaping of your fingernails) as well as the pedicure (the cleaning, buffing and shaping of your toenails) that you go with a clear polish; this means that you don’t have any color it just adds a nice shine. I recommend that with both the manicure (the cleaning, buffing and shaping of your fingernails) as well as the pedicure (the cleaning, buffing and shaping of your toenails) that you go with a clear polish; this means that you don’t have any color it just adds a nice shine.

Before I start with the “Do’s” I am first of all going to go over some of the “Don’ts”; again this is based on the biggest complaints and feedback I have been given from thousands of single ladies over the years.

  • Don’t wear shorts for a first date EVER, regardless of the temperature outside or the ‘casualness’ of a restaurant you are meeting at. I have seen many affluent, attractive men ‘ruin’ their chances for a second date by showing up for their first date under-dressed. You want to wear something that says you care about yourself, you put some time and effort into getting ready and you care about your date! She too was worth the time and effort.
  • Socks are IMPORTANT! Don’t wear plain white socks, don’t wear socks with holes in them or socks that are dirty (or look dirty). Socks do show (if only for a second here and there) and women do notice and take a mental note.
  • Shoes are important. Don’t EVER wear flip flops, open toed sandals or a pair of crocks for your first date! If you don’t have a nice pair of casual/dress shoes, it’s time to invest in a pair! If you can only chose one pair go with, black… if you can swing two pairs get a brown pair also. Shoes make a huge statement about you and your sense of style! You only get one chance to make a first impression so make it count!
  • Have at least one or two “date outfits” that you like and feel comfortable in. Don’t wait until the last minute to pick out what you are going to wear. Make sure that your outfit is neat, clean and without wrinkles. If you don’t own an iron find your local drycleaners…they will press your clothes for you for a small fee. I have found that while wrinkles are something many men overlook but women, don’t! Wrinkle free clothes look nice and make an overall statement about you as a person.
  • Wear a nice pair of slacks for your first date, black, brown, or designer denim. Coordinate with a matching belt, shoes and a nice watch. Do not overdo it with the jewelry! Keep it toned down, especially for your first couple of dates. Let your personality shine and not your jewelry. If you must wear a ring, keep it to one only and nothing that looks like or could be mistaken for a wedding band (this applies to widowed clients also, if you still wear a wedding ring in honor of your late spouse leave it at home while you are on your date).
  • A nice shirt that says something fun about your personality is a definite “DO”. Go for a collard short sleeve dress shirt with coordinating black or brown pants A nice polo shirt would work as well but stay away from t-shirts or anything that is faded or old. If you are meeting somewhere fancy for your first date, then a collar shirt under a fitted blazer is sure to impress! A shirt can be a great conversation piece, try to pick something that says something about you! If you love to boat, pick a short sleeve dress shirt that has little sail boats on it, same thing with golf, tennis etc. (make sure it is tasteful and not obnoxious).
  • Make sure that your clothes fit and are not too big, nor too tight. It is best if you have two outfits you really like that fit ideally (or have had necessary adjustments made by a tailor) as opposed to a whole wardrobe of clothes that only “kind of” fit.

There is no doubt that women like a good-smelling man! While there are many different options out there here are a couple things to keep in mind. 1. Women like a man who smells good but is not over bearing with the cologne. 2. Cologne smells differently and is based in part by the particular hormones you have in your body; don’t be afraid to try a couple different scents and ask the ladies in your life (sister, Mom, family friend etc.) which scent she prefers. Listed below are some that I highly recommend as do many of my past and current lady clients:

  • Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger. This is a very fresh and clean scent as opposed to an outdoorsy or woodsy smell. Its great cologne to wear for a first date as it is not over powering.
  • One by Calvin Klein is one of my favorites (on men, not women). Again it is very clean and fresh smelling mixed with some sexiness ingredient of some kind.
  • Guilty by Gucci is a big hit by ladies of all ages. It is rated very high by both men and women in a number of tests that have been conducted on high end cologne.
  • Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch is a big hit by younger ladies, especially the 30 and under group. If this is the age-range you are aiming to please, this is the scent that is sure to result in a prolonged squeeze!