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Bill, I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know things are still going great with Mary! Take me off the market! I am really starting to enjoy life and all that comes from having an amazing lady to salsa with, go to the beach with and even enjoy a great rainstorm with! I remember you saying that when you meet the right one, just about anything can be fun. It’s so true. Thank you for the way you have helped me live again.Christopher from Naples
Christopher from Naples
Adrienne from Winter Park
Bill, Jim was much more open than all previous matches, and appears to be honest and compassionate too! We were together for 4 hours in the restaurant and we both exchanged telephone numbers. I truly hope that he does call me; I’d love to see him again! I was happy to obtain a “hug” from Jim, and also receive his telephone number. When we parted I felt very happy and hope that we will see each other again, so that I can get to know him (and determine if he is the one). Jim is the BEST match I ever had!!!!Adrienne from Winter Park
Bill, Steve was nice and had a great smile. I did enjoy our dinner conversation-we talked for over 90 minutes. I would like to see him again and will definitely go out with him again. I would like to see if there might be something, and that will only come through a little more time spent together. I thought I was going to be nervous but thankfully I had too much fun.Amber from Ocala
Amber from Ocala
Dear Christy, since I busted your chops on the first match it is only fair to tell you my second match was a home run! Rich is the complete package. The conversation and chemistry was amazing! I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for this selection you really nailed it!Brenda
Dear Christy, I had my first meeting with John and I feel like a teenager all over again! He was kind, fun and FAB! Will be in touch with you! Absolutely have a joyful, paradise heavenly feeling in your heart as you bring people together and make love a reality!Gladys
Christy, Kerry….Yes, not only was she very pretty and sweet she has a wonderful positive personality that would be nice to see in future dates. We ended the date with a hug and and well wishes. I would like to see her again and hope she feels the same! You are definitely on the right track! Kerry told me you are her matchmaker also and how much encouragement you have given her. Thank you for all of your hard work and for all of the lives you touch.Mark